Hakuna Mipaka
Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and preserve Wildlife around the world. We also aim to educate as many people as we can about the many misconceptions surrounding some of our planet’s largest predators, such as the African Big Cat species. Every creature deserves to fulfill its destiny in peace and with the upmost respect. The Hakuna Mipaka Foundation speaks for those who unfortunately cannot do so themselves.


Animal welfare and education; These are the two key factors that drive Hakuna Mipaka. Animals should be protected, cultivated, respected…
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The dream of a peaceful place where threatened and abused animals can be protected, cultivated and their natural needs can be met daily…
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Become a protector

Become a part of the Hakuna Mipaka community. Help us to protect this magnificent animal world with your donation. Support us in the fight against further wildlife suffering caused by humans!


Hakuna Mipaka Foundation Official Apparel

Show your pride in supporting wildlife preservation by purchasing our varied Hakuna Mipaka Merchandise. 100% of the proceeds from each sale will directly benefit the Hakuna Mipaka Foundation and the Project Oasis.

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